What’s the hurry?

What am I going to eat? Where do I need to be? What is happening tomorrow, next week, next year? I’m quickly approaching the one month mark living in Italy and I’ve had quite the revelation: family first.

Work hard play hard. I dont agree. The concept will eventually break you down.      Moderation is key.

Back at home in America, we are constantly in a hurry to get to the next task. We work all day, eat at our desks, rarely have a break, and forget to stop. There is this constant FOMO (mom this means fear of missing out…) as we are glued to our cellular devices during an entire meal. Fueled by Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest…we forget the ones who are sitting across from us. The ones we love. We forget to look them in the eyes.

No FOMO. Capturing your first day in the dirt should be celebrated. But, excessive self promotion or the perception you are happy is exhausting. 

Italy is different or maybe I just won the lottery. The family I am living with is so full of life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is shared with one another. It isn’t a choice, it is a lifestyle. During these 3-5 hours we laugh, talk, and I attempt (still working on my Italian) to understand what they are so passionate about.

No selfies or Sunday Funday ads. Good company and good wine.

It makes me miss my family and Sunday dinners. It makes me want to be better. Better at life and better for my family. To be present and kind to all people. To let negative energy bounce off of me and to breathe life into others. I’m making a promise to myself to live in truth and to love with all my being. Happiness starts within.

x T