Los Angeles – “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!”

Los Angeles, California

Game time 5:08 PM
Temperature @ Game Time: 103 degrees

Blue. The carpet in the house was always blue – Dodger Blue and Bruin Blue to be exact. I remember my summers as a kid so vividly. Vin Scully’s voice echoed throughout the house as my mom needed to hear the game in every room. At 6, I had already chosen my favourite player – Brett Butler. I sat directly in front of the television set and watched number 22 and the rest of the boys in blue every day. I was in love with the game. I loved the Dodgers and it was because of my mother. She grew up in Calexico, California where my grandma and grandpa settled after his baseball career in the Mexican Leagues. Baseball has always been a part of my family. My grandpa, Hugh Lapham, played for 9 years for Cleveland and St. Louis affiliates.


H. Lapham (bottom left)

My mom taught me how to keep score and encouraged me to talk with her about the game. We often listened to Vin in the car and at home when the games were blacked out. Brett Butler was / is still my favourite player. He played the game with so much spirit and crafted the art of bunting. We went to countless games at Chavez Ravine – just the two of us. My father and brothers were Angels (and Cubs) fans. A house divided – my mom and I we always stuck together.


Fast forward 28 years later.

We attended Game 1 of the Major League Baseball World Series. It was electric. We arrived downtown quite late and had to take an uber to the field – parking would be impossible an hour before the game. We climbed the back of Chavez Ravine only to hit a solid line of cars entering the back entrance. Unable to contain our excitement, we jumped out of our car and walked the back hill to arrive near the right field pavilion. My mother at 66, was faster than me up the hill. The heat didn’t seem to make a difference.

The stadium was painted blue and white with Dodger fans waving towels and yelling in English and Spanish for their favourite player. I was still that little girl watching her favourite team play and I was with my childhood hero – my mom. It was a surreal experience.


The crowd was buzzing. The Dodger / Doyers haven’t played in the World Series in 28 years. Clayton Kershaw, the dominating left-hander from Texas, was on the mound for the hottest recorded game in World Series history. At game time, the majority of the stadium was in the shade but the heat would prove to be no issue for the tall dealer on the mound.

The game was short. Approximately 2 hours and 28 minutes. It was worth every second to watch the game I grew up loving, sitting next to my hero. This sport has provided me with an amazing platform and continues to bring wonderful people into my life. My goal and purpose moving forward is to use baseball/softball to empower women – through education, movement, and leadership. The birth of Run the Bases is out of the desire to run the bases after every game – to give those who dont have the opportunity to go to the World Series to run, catch and throw. To show the world how great the game can be. With the 2028 Olympics quickly approaching, my hope is that the world will embrace both games that bring families, like mine, together.