Los Angeles – “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!”

Los Angeles, California

Game time 5:08 PM
Temperature @ Game Time: 103 degrees

Blue. The carpet in the house was always blue – Dodger Blue and Bruin Blue to be exact. I remember my summers as a kid so vividly. Vin Scully’s voice echoed throughout the house as my mom needed to hear the game in every room. At 6, I had already chosen my favourite player – Brett Butler. I sat directly in front of the television set and watched number 22 and the rest of the boys in blue every day. I was in love with the game. I loved the Dodgers and it was because of my mother. She grew up in Calexico, California where my grandma and grandpa settled after his baseball career in the Mexican Leagues. Baseball has always been a part of my family. My grandpa, Hugh Lapham, played for 9 years for Cleveland and St. Louis affiliates.


H. Lapham (bottom left)

My mom taught me how to keep score and encouraged me to talk with her about the game. We often listened to Vin in the car and at home when the games were blacked out. Brett Butler was / is still my favourite player. He played the game with so much spirit and crafted the art of bunting. We went to countless games at Chavez Ravine – just the two of us. My father and brothers were Angels (and Cubs) fans. A house divided – my mom and I we always stuck together.


Fast forward 28 years later.

We attended Game 1 of the Major League Baseball World Series. It was electric. We arrived downtown quite late and had to take an uber to the field – parking would be impossible an hour before the game. We climbed the back of Chavez Ravine only to hit a solid line of cars entering the back entrance. Unable to contain our excitement, we jumped out of our car and walked the back hill to arrive near the right field pavilion. My mother at 66, was faster than me up the hill. The heat didn’t seem to make a difference.

The stadium was painted blue and white with Dodger fans waving towels and yelling in English and Spanish for their favourite player. I was still that little girl watching her favourite team play and I was with my childhood hero – my mom. It was a surreal experience.


The crowd was buzzing. The Dodger / Doyers haven’t played in the World Series in 28 years. Clayton Kershaw, the dominating left-hander from Texas, was on the mound for the hottest recorded game in World Series history. At game time, the majority of the stadium was in the shade but the heat would prove to be no issue for the tall dealer on the mound.

The game was short. Approximately 2 hours and 28 minutes. It was worth every second to watch the game I grew up loving, sitting next to my hero. This sport has provided me with an amazing platform and continues to bring wonderful people into my life. My goal and purpose moving forward is to use baseball/softball to empower women – through education, movement, and leadership. The birth of Run the Bases is out of the desire to run the bases after every game – to give those who dont have the opportunity to go to the World Series to run, catch and throw. To show the world how great the game can be. With the 2028 Olympics quickly approaching, my hope is that the world will embrace both games that bring families, like mine, together.


NEWBIE Thoughts: London Triathlon (SPRINT)

MY FIRST TRIATHLON….if only I knew then, what I know now.


I agreed to race in the London Triathlon to support an amazing charity, check them out here 👉 SnowCamp :‘Empowering Inner-City Young People with Snowsports, Life-Skills, Qualifications and Vocational Opportunities since 2003’ – Snow Camp Charity

A good friend, Kelly, who also volunteers / works for the organization encouraged me to enter and train with her in Eastbourne. Now, my training plan was very detailed and exceptionally written as it was drawn up by an elite triathlete. However, inconsistent training (due to travel and 2 weeks of illness) almost stopped me from participating in the event.

The plan consisted of 2 swims / 2 cycles / 2 runs per week. With various drills incorporated to work on certain skills. I will not dive into my training plan as it isn’t the focus of this post. But, what I will share is my personal experience of competing in the LONDON Triathlon in hopes of helping other ‘newbies’ and easing some fears I felt on the day of the event.

(TO SUPPORT SNOWCAMP PURCHASE A SHIRT HERE)< span style=”text-decoration: underline”>Pre-event: MAKE A CHECKLIST – sooooo many things to carry, tie, fasten, lock in, wear

    • wetsuit & towel (I actually barely used my towel…so much rain)
    • tri suit (highly recommend) but you don’t need it if you can’t afford it
    • Bike & helmet
    • running shoes
    • COCA COLA…I will explain in the swim section.
      • EXTRAS: belt, energy gels, cycling shoes, support crew (thanks Geoff, Jo, and the entire Smith Family), safety pins, water bottle, change of clothes
  • EAT – 5/6 hours before…I had eggs, toast, and oatmeal at approximately 8 AM (my heat started at 12:30)
  • HYDRATE – drink water, little sips all morning

Event Set Up WAVE: Kelly and I raced with the ‘charity’ wave (I recommend this wave as it was 20 people compared to 100)

    • We set up near the run out lane but in hindsight I would set up near the bike out lane or bike in lane if possible. Running with wet socks off your bike through thousands of people is not ideal .
      • PUT OUT SHOES AND TOWEL (I used a big DEUS towel to find my area)
      • WATER BOTTLE ON BIKE (Crucial as you need to hydrate after the swim)
  • START: They will give you a swim cap. Just arrive at least 20 min before your wave time at the start area


    • Holy moly I was terrified to embark on an open water swim in the docklands. In hindsight, it was not a terrible experience. However, I wish I would have done more lake/open water swims. The water is GROSS.  I refuse to lie and say it was pleasant. The color of the water reminded me of Shrek and the odor similar to a petrol station.
      • 750 M – TIME: 20:37 (pouring / pissing down rain and I did some breast stroke….don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of HOW you swim or HOW fast) Remember why you are participating. My thoughts…just get to each piggy. The buoys were pigs and the second one felt miles away but in the end it is a manageable distance.
      • TIP: DRINK COCA COLA in transition. The water is full of gross things that I will not mention but I hear Coke kills all germs, sounds very healthy. So I downed a few gulps before getting on my bike to counteract the radioactive water with radioactive soda.
  • TRANSITION: 6:07
    • EXIT: I was incredibly dizzy, take your time and find a person with a bag. They make you take off your wetsuit before entering the building (different than other races where you can run with your legs in the suit). Find a human and stand by the rail while you take off your suit. You may fall over.
      • RUN: throw your cap, goggles and suit in the bag and RUN! You will have to climb a few slippery stairs and run a good minute to find your bike.
      • TIP: let in a bunch of water in the neck of your suit right before you exit the water…it will help get the legs out. IMG_7909
  • BIKE
    • 20.2 KM – 49:37
      • I decided to wear my road cycling shoes. This wasn’t an issue other than you had to walk / run your bike over to the bike enter area. Either click your shoes into your bike (if you’ve practiced) or wear trainers. This transition took me almost 7 min to get going again as I had issues with my race belt breaking and couldn’t get moving.
    • WET! 2 LAPS for the SPRINT. The course is rather flat with two minor hills on the first portion of the lap. I took it easy as I saw a few flats and a few crashes in the wet conditions.
      • TIP: Heels down, head down. SUPER FUN. 
  • TRANSITION: 4:18
    • LISTEN UP!!!! If you’re wearing cycling shoes don’t click out. Just step out of them and leave them circling on the bike. Run in your socks or bare feet. I lost serious time fumbling around trying to take off my shoes and then run with them.
  • RUN – 26:28
    • By this time your legs will feel like jelly. Smile, the race is almost over and remember to just kick out. 2 LAPS for SPRINT. The band will be playing and spectators cheering you on.
      • TIP: Pick people off. Try and pass as many people as possible. Pick a number and try to beat it. If someone passes you -1.

FINISH: 1:47:05

Smile. Appreciate the moment. Stretch. Have a beer.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Questions? Leave them in the comments.

I am not a professional triathlete. I am a woman who loves accomplishing new feats and having fun.

] ]<<



The Haute Room | Pilates

I love pilates. I forgot. It’s really so great for your well being and your booty. I’m a month into classes @ 3x a week and seeing big changes. The waist is getting smaller and curves are kickin. Or close.

Why I like pilates:

  1. The machines are fun. 
  2. It shapes your booty (shelf not shovel). I like having a booty. Running long distance makes my booty disappear. 
  3. Hello core. Abs. Small waist.
  4. Short sets and a somewhat fast pace.
  5. My arms get lean and almost back to college sport playing days.

The Haute Room on Jamboree is fantastic. The owner, Lacy, is my favorite teacher simply because I like her style. She kicks your butt and motivates you at the same time making you work harder in hopes not to disappoint her. Bring your toe socks, water, and wear long sleeves if you sweat like a you know what in church for 50 min of torture.

Why I don’t like pilates:

  1. It doesn’t involve stretching or meditation. 
  2. Some instructors don’t pay attention to form. The lack of one-on-one attention poses greater risk for injury.
  3. It’s normally held indoors. I’d rather be outside. 

Ladies and gents, go try a class and see how you like it.
x, T





A Classic Racing Family

La Castellet, France – Earlier this year I was introduced to Neate Racing, a father and sons’ racing team. John, pictured on the bike is the father of Steven and Sam (the two in leathers right by his side).  He is the owner, manager, mechanic, and rider with over 35 years of experience in all types of racing. Both Steven and Sam have raced in British, European, and World Championships. All three of them make up my new favorite race team: NEATE RACING. 13029577_10154096867189395_3618726744275720304_oThey build, work on and race bikes. They recently started competing in the FIM European Classic Series. The first race of the year was held on April 16th at Paul Ricard Circuit in the south of France.  A total of four hours in length, each rider can be on the track for no longer than 45 minutes at a time, minimum of two riders.

My job: hold a sign, try not to get hit and get the rider’s attention.  To be completely honest, it was hectic, a”hurry up and wait” type of environment.  This was my first time being a part of any pit crew and my first endurance race.  I kept calm by keeping their lap times and calculating their next pit stop (just for my own fun).  John’s wife Amanda, was actually in charge of bringing them in and way more qualified than my cracked iPhone stopwatch skills. 13047661_10154096866394395_7265270679901034225_o The experience was so different than anything I’ve witnessed in the states. The atmosphere was intense and one of pure racing. The garage can be intense but also full of laughter and joy. I was part of team again.  Something I have missed since graduating from UCLA and leaving the competitive softball world over 10 years ago.

It also reminded me of my own family, of home and the countless tailgates we have put on for football games.  Amanda is like my mother.  She is the heartbeat.  She makes sure everyone is fed and kept warm with a nice cup of tea.  She sits in the box with Susanna, Steven’s wife, and keeps the boys on the track.  Likewise, my mother kept score of every single game I ever played and kept me on the field.  There are still scorebooks stacked in my parent’s garage, particularly of the Batbuster years.

At the end of the day I have come to the realization that every experience is tied to one simple thing: family.  The medium of sport brings people of all walks of life together. Whether it is softball or motorcycle racing.  It’s all the same.  Show up for your family.  Whether it is your blood or race family.  Show up and enjoy the ride.

x, TT


Results: Neate Racing placed 2nd overall and 1st in the Legend’s Class. Their highest finish to date!!!

12983916_10154096864099395_6724696321221789638_oBike Specs:

1979 Harris Magnum MK1 Honda RSC 1000
* European Classic Endurance race bike
* 1127cc RSC motor
* Dry clutch
* Stainless steel race exhaust system
* Genuine period 18″ Dymag wheels, etc.


Le Mans-style start

All photos from the very talented Morgan Mathurin.

Italy vs. America – Coffee

In an effort to let go of my reverse culture shock,  I have decided to start a series entitled: Italy vs. America. The first post is in regards to coffee. Italy wins. Hands down.

Italy: 1

America: 0

Quality, quantity, sustainability, and customer service.


My Italian family gave me one of their espresso makers (you get something similar at Target) and a homemade contraption to properly pack the grinds. Every morning I fill the lower pod with fresh water to the bolt, pack the espresso in the middle portion and throw it on the stove. The smell of freshly brewed cafe paired with the sound of boiling water almost brings me back to the foothills of the Italian Alps.

You would think as Fireball lovin’ Americans the idea of a quick shot would get the heart racing. But, bigger is better. Starbucks makes me want to vomit (other than the turkey bacon breakfast sandwich) with the excessive of choices and special “two pumps only” patrons.

Customer service is better when it’s honest. The experience of handing your ticket to a lovely dressed barista, amongst 20 other chattering Italians, is one of its own. They tear your ticket, sprint to the machine and return only to slide your hot cup across the bar. It always lands right in front of you. 

A grande latte now feels like a meal. When will they add a plastic knife and fork to the side of the cup?  And then, and then and then and then and then you have the hip coffee bars with weak coffee and baristas with even weaker people skills. Stop trying to make fetch happen. 

I intend to limit my coffee take away cups to 4 a month. I’d say zero but that’s unrealistic. Check out Get the Facts on Carry Your Cup in regards to America’s consumption: The average American office worker uses about 500 disposable cups every year. 

And remember, beautiful cups make room for beautiful coffee.


Daily ritual: this cup makes me smile and was a gift from the teachers I worked with in Italy.

Nonna’s china


Lara’s china

One night in a Castle

Emiglia-Romagna, Italy – One morning I woke up in a Medicean Castle. It is probably still one of my most favorite memories of spending 3 months in Italy. The castle is in Terre del Sole just outside Forli. I’m slightly obsessed with castles, queens, and everything in between.


Luggage lift + touring car

The beds are draped with what I believe are passed down royal linens from Catherine d’Medici. The water closet is literally a water closet. The pool table which takes up most of the living room is rumored to have seen action from Mussolini himself.


This tale can be heard in most cities in Italy. The history is addicting. I imagined being a Queen for a day (yes, I just binged watched Reign on Netflix) and I loved every second. Wait…it was the castle of the Captain of the Artillery. Ehhh….a girl can dream. Or maybe I led an army at some point. Highly likely.


The wooden ceiling below was just uncovered in the now privately owned Castello Del Capitano della Artiglierie (Noble Residence of the Capitan). If you look closely you can see 1587 and the Medici family emblem (five red balls and one blue). The same year Francesco d’Medici was poisoned along with his wife…coincidence. We may never know.

img_0468The castle is beautiful and a hidden gem. The surrounding roads are perfect for a motorcycle trip or a beautiful drive in an owned/rented Ferrari (sounds like the Italian experience to me!). The owner offers a beautiful traditional Italian breakfast (cafe, breads, jam).

Check out their website and stay there if ever in Terre del Sole. It is worth every penny.


Excerpt from: Altra RomagnaScreen Shot 2016-05-16 at 16.48.38

THE NOBLE RESIDENCE OF THE CAPITANO. The castle is an integral part of the fortified town of Terra del Sole and is located at one of the entrances of the town. It has an original star and angled shape and is topped by a protruding walkway which used to be used by the guards during the rounds; the walkway is supported by stone layers and cotto arches. The Quarters of the Capitano are on the last floor. Next to the Castle there is the English style Park with herb garden and orchard with trees of times gone by. The Castle, of private property, represents a refine location for events.


For more information head to their website.

Contact Info

That one night in Levico Terme – Trento, Italia 

As I sit at the top of the steps overlooking the center of the city, it hits me. Hits me like the strong Italian coffee I have 6 times a day. Time, is of the utmost importance but it should never be rushed. There will always be things to worry about, people to please, deadlines to be meet and lessons to learn. But, the most important is THE NOW.


Low quality photo, high quality moment

I’m perched next to chiesa di santa something overlooking 91 Italian students. They have their whole lives in front of them. They are full of life and energy. As I scan the scene I realize they are all characters in an important play: my life.

One group is in love. The next is running sprints up the steps.  I look to the left and spot the kid with the old soul talking to the teachers.  In front of me is my shadow who won’t leave my side and is nervous to talk to me.  Just to the left of the old soul are the kids who look like they are up to no good. Somewhere between the teachers and lovebirds you’ve got the highly intelligent group. And then there is me.

I will never have this time or space again. I may return to Italy, to teaching, to life but it will not be the same. This experience is unique. I have been welcomed here with open arms. I have learned so much about Italian culture, life and art. My heart is warm and my brain is full. And I’m changing. Everyday. Evolution of the mind, body and soul. Viva la bella vita.






Fortunato Depero


Outside MART


Song Writing 

Students in Italy love American music. They all sing Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and whatever else the kids are listening to these days. I feel very fortunate to be paired up with such a progressive teacher, Lara Ferrari. Together we helped her students write a song about their school…all in English!!! The music department is writing the music and we will all work together to produce a song. I will post the lesson plan as soon as I write it. Teaching is exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.   

Roma in a Day

I wouldn’t recommend it. However, it can be done. The past week and a half my beautiful cousin, Kayla, came to visit me in Italy. We had little sleep, loads of fun, and stories we will never tell. She is actually more like my sister. I don’t have a sister but if I did she would be the only person I’d choose. Ok back to Roma!!! Here is our itinerary…


WAKE UP: 4:00 AM almost miss our flight with rental car return + terminal transfer

FLIGHT: EasyJet It’s not my favourite airline (I’ll save the why for another post) but it’s cheap and was part of our Expedia bundle deal. We arrived early and scooped up Kayla’s bag in a quick 5 mins. Barely enough time for an Italian coffee right by baggage claim.

7:00 am Milan Malpensa (MXP)
8:20 am Roma Fuimicino (FCO)

Transportation to Hotel (15 min) – 25€  (there is a hotel shuttle for 6€ but we couldn’t find it and didn’t have access to a phone loss of 13€)

8:45-9:45am Drop off bags and freshin up. Shuttle back to airport.

Hotel Tiber Fiumicino
Good: clean, new, rooftop pool & bar
Bad: service staff, proximity to airport

9:53-10:25 Train to Rome (Tickets 14€ each)
Trenitalia Regionale Veloce – Fiumicino to Roma Termini

30 min and you’re in the heart of the city! Easy to find as well. Below is a map of the Metro.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.08.22 AM

10:30-11:00 Coliseum Exit train station and change to Metro Linea B (blue on the map) 1.50€ per ticket or you can purchase a 7.00€ all day pass. Take two stops towards Laurentina to COLLOSSEO.

As soon as you exit, or actually before, you see the Coliseum in all its glory. It is truly spettacolare.


Kayla took this photo while being harassed by a selfie stick vendor. Also, I’m channeling my inner Susie Q with my wild hair.

To our surprise, all of the streets were closed in preparation for the Roma marathon (I should have done more research and participated) so we walked to the bus station at Piazza Venezia in front of Via dei Fori Imperiali.

11:00-11:45 Bus to Another Country (getting hungry) we hopped on the 46  (I’m not 100% on the line but just ask a bus driver and they will help. Most people in Italy are more than happy to help you if you ask them. In fact, the will attempt to lead you. Oh, and take the bus so you can see the city!) to the VATICAN.

LUNCHDuecento Gradi (1,000 thumbs up for delicious panini’s)

13:30-16:30 Vatican Tour with a private tour guide (tickets + tour 200 euros, pricey but I believe worth every penny. You can try a big group (which I’ve done) with audio devices but the personal experience is worth the price tag. And our tour guide was able to get us into mass when it was full. IMG_9624

16:45-17:45 Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica – UNFORGETABLE

17:45-20:30 Madish Dash Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, Fontana di Trevi by car and foot. My host mom set us up with her cousin who lives in Rome. They picked us up from the Vatican and gave us a mini tour of the city. We left them shortly after the Spanish steps and walked the rest of the way. You can also take the metro.


Fontana di Trevi

We stopped to have gelato at the most famous shop to the left of the fountain. One of my best friends from college, Whitney, told me I couldn’t leave Rome without tasting the best.  And it is the best.

Dinner: Recafe – Pizza, Clams, wine, and lots of laughs. Exit.

Quick stop to ask a construction worker “ahhh dove proximo statzione…spagna?” We walked too far because I am stubborn and hit the Flaminio station. Three stops and back to Roma Termini.

22:05-22:47 Train back to Airport

Taxi to Hotel (20€ we were told because it was late at night there was less of a fee) In reality, they will charge tourists whatever they want. My advice is to barter with everyone. And I mean everyone.

It was a whirlwind of a trip but for some reason we didn’t feel rushed at all. I think when you’re with good company it doesn’t really matter what you do. So, thank you Kayla Jean for flying 6000 miles to make me feel a little more at home. Cant wait for our next adventure.

x T