The Haute Room | Pilates

I love pilates. I forgot. It’s really so great for your well being and your booty. I’m a month into classes @ 3x a week and seeing big changes. The waist is getting smaller and curves are kickin. Or close.

Why I like pilates:

  1. The machines are fun. 
  2. It shapes your booty (shelf not shovel). I like having a booty. Running long distance makes my booty disappear. 
  3. Hello core. Abs. Small waist.
  4. Short sets and a somewhat fast pace.
  5. My arms get lean and almost back to college sport playing days.

The Haute Room on Jamboree is fantastic. The owner, Lacy, is my favorite teacher simply because I like her style. She kicks your butt and motivates you at the same time making you work harder in hopes not to disappoint her. Bring your toe socks, water, and wear long sleeves if you sweat like a you know what in church for 50 min of torture.

Why I don’t like pilates:

  1. It doesn’t involve stretching or meditation. 
  2. Some instructors don’t pay attention to form. The lack of one-on-one attention poses greater risk for injury.
  3. It’s normally held indoors. I’d rather be outside. 

Ladies and gents, go try a class and see how you like it.
x, T





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